Fall Prevention Resource

A questions we often have here at the fall prevention resource often times have to do with users wonder what fall prevention devices should they purchase to prevent falls in their home. Of course no device can prevent all falls from occurring, but there are indeed many products currently available that can help get you on the path of a safer environment. It is important to make yourself aware of what is currently available along with deciding on what works best for your own situation.

Special lighting is the first thing you could consider upgrading. We want to go over your lighting solution first because it is so important. After all if you do not have adequate lighting it can be dangerous to move around. If you cannot see where you need to get to then you have a real problem on your hands. Consider first adding more lights to the room you sleep in. Install lights in high traffic areas. If you find an area that looks like it may not have enough lighting then it probably doesn't and could use some brighter lights or more bulbs there. If you plan to have lights off during the night you will have to make sure someone turns them on before attempting to make a transfer. If you are able to turn them on without assistance then consider buying click activated lighting. This will make it easier for you to turn on the lights before moving. If you are a caretaker for someone who can forget to switch on a light you may have to look into another solution. A click on light is probably not a good idea in this situation. You may want to consider acquiring some kind of automatically triggered lighting option. With this you can be sure that the lights will be switched on so you can make whatever transfers that you require.

What are some other devices that can make your room safer and easier to navigate? Installing bed rails on the side of your bed may help you a lot when making transfers at bed side. Bed safety rails that are constructed of metal, will allow an individual to grab on and be supported. After some time has past from when you bought your set of bed rails you will notice how much independence they have brought you. Whether you are a caretaker or a patient you can benefit substantially from installing one of these rails. Be sure if you do plan to buy bed rails that you purchase a quality made set. You certainly do not want to be stuck with something that does not do what it is supposed to.

As for installation most people can handle installs themselves. If you have put together any furniture piece then you should not have any problems installing bed rails currently if you or your loved ones bed side. If you are unable to install bed rails yourself then be sure to contact a qualified handyman for assistance. They can be most easily found by searching in your yellow pages or conducting a search online.